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Eight Shopping stores to shop for Mens

Hey guys how are you guys doing today. Todays blog is going to be a really cool one because a lot of you guys ask me where do i shop at so for today’s post. I thought it’d be cool to share with you guys eight clothing stores that i think everybody should be shopping at. These are basically like the men’s clothing stores that i typically shop at. Honestly when i was making this list i kind of just like looked through my closet and see like where i bought certain clothes and i just turned it into a list of the best clothing store.  And last time I made a post like this it was all fast fashion stores and a lot of people didn’t like the fact that i shop at fast fashion so if you are against fast fashion. No worries a few of these aren’t fast fashion at least i don’t think they are. so basically i have cheap ones like so it’s more affordable and in my opinion i think that if you’re around my age like a high schooler I think affordable stores are to be the best way to go because instead of dropping a ton of money on just one thing you could just buy a variety of different things and that way you would have a more versatile closet or if you do want to spend a little bit more money on a higher piece of clothing that’s going to last you a lot . Longer i have a few of those stores on the list as well so anyways without rambling on let’s go ahead and move on to the list so the first one in my opinion is going to be hollister now I absolutely love hollister mostly because they brand themselves as like the California. Look and i live in California so and that’s the reason why i like them so much and not to mention like they are pretty affordable i’m not going to say like you know they’re h m cheap but but I would say their shirts typically are like 30 bucks and i still have shirts that i bought like last year and they’re still in good condition to this day so it will last you a pretty decent time. However the cheapest thing and the thing that i recommend getting there the most is pants because you know they say like their pants is like 60 but they always go on sale like i’m pretty sure they go on sale like atleast once a month where it just drops to 25 so idefinitely recommend getting their pantsnumber.

Two on the list is going to bezara now zara is another i think it’s a fast fashion store to be honest and like zara sells some really cool clothes .But the only problem with zara is that their website sucks like i’m not gonna lie to you guys like they have an absolutely terrible website so ifthere’s a czar near you then you are lucky if there’s one like 40 minutes away like mezara isn’t really a store that i would drive 40 minutes for the sole purpose of buying some clothes from there. I would just say like if i’m in town that there’s a car nearby then i would definitely shop there they do sell some pretty cool stuff their store actually looks really cool. It does look like a pretty high-end store but like they sell like cheaper stuff but i’m pretty sure they do have likesome high quality pieces in there as well so yeah honestly i’ll just experiment with that.

Number three is gonna be unique alone now uniqlo is like typically a store where i shop for my basics at. I think it’s a really good store for like you know stable pieces of fashion like basic white shirts black shirts whatever anything that it’s considered like you know like a wardrobe essential i would go to uniqlo because they have like pretty high quality stuff and not like a huge like price tag on them.

Number four is a sos now asos is cool because it has a variety of different things like they have their own stuff that’s like really cheap or they sell other companies like you know tommy Hilfiger calvin klein stuff like that and this one is just an online store. So you can just browse around you could do a retirement just you know so low to high and find some really cool stuff there now if you’re getting like a shirt that like they cost as low as like seven dollars which i have bought from a sauce before that’s not gonna last you a long time so if you are buying from a sauce i would look for like the companies that you know of like tommy hill figure calvin klein like i said earlier.

Number five forever 21. Now this is honestly like in my opinion like an underrated store for like dudesi bought this shirt from forever 21 for only like 20 bucks and i’ve had it for like eight months now and it still looks pretty good a lot of dudes think that this is like a girl’s only story. But no it’s not they sell some really cool stuff.

Number six is gonna be banana republic now this one is a huge underrated store for dudes in my opinion at least not a lot of people that i know of shop at banana republic but they sell some really cool stuff like my favorite jackets like a suede jacket that i got from banana republic. They sell high quality things this is one of the stores that like you know the price tags are gonna be a lot but those stuff will last you a longtime which is exactly like

Number seven and that’s gonna be Nordstrom. Nownordstrom sells some really expensive stuff but the stuff that i got from there like has lasted me like well over a year and there are like no signs that it like it’s gonna wear out anytime soon so if you do have the extra money. I would definitely recommend going to either nordstrom or banana republic because those things will last you a lot more and you’re just paying a little bit extra to be honest like i barely started shopping at those two stores when i get when i finally got a job and started getting paid but before that it was mostly fast fashion so it definitely is understandable and at the end of the day like if you’re my age like it also like doesn’t matter because a lot of people my age are still going through growth spurts and chances are you’re probably just gonna out grow like the stuff that you buy anyways. But i pretty much like capped out at my height so that’s why you know i’ve been spending extra money on like banana republicin nordstrom anyways i rambled on way too much let’s get into the last one.

Number eight is going to be paxton now the reason why paxton’s really cool is because like i would say it’s in between like ahigh-end store and like a fast fashion storeit like kind of meets in between but paxton usually sells like stuff that’s trending.So that’s my go-to place when i’m like trying to hop on like new trends and the stuff from there will last you a lot too and there’s also another store that will like sell other companies like guests tommy Hilfiger. They definitely do sell some really cool stuff so i definitely recommend checking them out. But anyways those were the eight best stores that i personally recommend those are the ones that i usually shop at like i said before i definitely recommend checking all those out but like i said if you’re on a budget the cheaper ones are probably should be your go-to or if you know you’re still growing at least. Anyways guys i hope you guys enjoyed this blog . I would really appreciate it let me know in the comments.

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